Do I Really Need a Wedding Florist? Exploring The Pros and Cons

BronteApr 11, 20244 min read

When planning your wedding flowers, the question of whether to hire a professional wedding florist may come up. While there are undeniable benefits to hiring a professional wedding florist, it's important to consider the potential drawbacks and limitations. This article explores the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision about whether or not you should hire a wedding florist for your event.

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  • Time and Stress Management:

    • Hiring a professional wedding florist can alleviate stress and free up your time the week of the wedding. When designing with real flowers, the bulk of the work is last minute to keep them fresh. Hiring a floral designer means that they and their team are spending all the hours leading up to the ceremony working, rather than your family and friends.

    • Delegating the floral responsibilities allows you to focus on other aspects of your event, knowing that an experienced florist will handle the arrangements efficiently. You can be in the moment of your big day knowing someone is handling the details.

  • Floral Creativity and Skill:

    • Wedding florists bring years of experience and creativity to the table, often with a background in wedding and event coordination. You can have the peace of mind that arrangements will last throughout the day, be securely attached, and will be expertly designed.

    • Their expertise extends to crafting beautiful floral arrangements, from corsages and boutonnieres to elaborate centerpieces, bouquets, and archways. You will not have to put in the work of spending hours watching tutorial videos and practicing- they've done this hundreds of time and you can hand the job over to them, stress free.

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  • Event Logistics:

    • A professional wedding florist is well-versed in event logistics and can coordinate with your venue to ensure timely setup and takedown of floral arrangements.

    • Their experience in transitions between different event stages ensures a seamless flow of floral decor. If you're repurposing flowers from the ceremony to the reception, the floral team will handle it while you are mingling with your guests.

  • Clean up and Returning Rentals:

    • A reliable floral team will efficiently handle the post-event cleanup, allowing you and your family to focus on cherishing the final moments of the celebration.

    • Many florists offer rental services for vases and other components, streamlining the cleanup process and minimizing post-wedding responsibilities. Using a florists' rentals also saves you time in sourcing vases and containers for the floral arrangements.

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  • Selection and Access to a Variety of Flowers:

    • Wedding florists have access to a vast market of floral products and can source flowers that may not be available to the general public. They have developed relationships with local floral farms and wholesalers and can handle emergencies better because of their large network for sourcing flowers.

    • They can guide you in making seasonal selections, ensuring that your chosen blooms align with your color scheme and design preferences.

    • A floral designer will have years of experience working with different varieties and will know which ones perform best, fit within your color palette, and will provide the perfect texture for your arrangements.

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  • Cost:

    • One significant drawback of hiring a professional wedding florist is the associated cost. Because they have to cover the costs of labor, utilities for coolers, tools, building expenses, insurance, marketing, website and other expenses associated with running a business, the price of going through a wedding florist will cost more than purchasing and designing the flowers yourself.

    • For some budgets, the expense of hiring a wedding florist may not be feasible and the only option may be to do DIY flowers.

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  • Contracts:

    • While most professional florists provide detailed contracts outlining event specifics, payment plans, and cancellation policies, it's crucial to thoroughly review and understand these agreements. Many florists have exclusivity clauses that don't allow you to bring in flowers from any other sources.

    • It is important to read through the contract as understanding your role and expectations beforehand is essential to avoid any surprises on the big day.

  • Miscommunication:

    • In the bustling environment of event days, miscommunication can occur, potentially leading to last-minute issues with floral arrangements. Be sure to ask for a 30 day finalization list to be sure the timeline and list of arrangements is correct. If your florist can provide you with a mood board that will also ensure they are on the same page with your vision. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

    • Because the florist is not part of your friend and family circle, they need to be provided with contact information for the wedding planner or day of point of contact to facilitate smoother communication should something go wrong.

  • Booking Ahead:

    • Depending on the type of event, booking a popular florist may require advanced planning, sometimes requiring booking a year or more in advance. Most florists require a minimum of 2 months advance notice to book in the off season, 3-6 months advance notice during the busy season of May-October.

    • Once booked the florist may have restrictions on large changes to your floral budget, color scheme or style.

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Deciding whether to hire a wedding florist involves weighing the advantages and disadvantages. While the benefits include expert floral design, stress reduction, and logistical support, the potential drawbacks include cost considerations and the need for careful communication. Understanding these pros and cons will empower you to make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and budget for your special day. 

Do I really Need a wedding florist

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Bronte is a seasoned floral designer with over 13 years of experience and a degree in horticulture and floral design. She has been featured in prestigious bridal magazines and has worked with hundreds of couples. Bronte is dedicated to simplifying the wedding process for her clients and promoting the use of locally sourced flowers, combining her passion for blooms with sustainability efforts in the industry.