Sustainability: A Guide to Environmentally Responsible Wedding Flowers

BronteApr 22, 20242 min read

In the realm of weddings, where single-use items often take center stage, the environmental impact can be a concern for those committed to eco-conscious living. While your wedding day may be a singular celebration, the accumulation of waste from numerous events raises broader environmental issues. By choosing sustainable practices, you not only align your celebration with ethical values but also contribute to a growing movement towards greener weddings. In the field of floristry, specifically, there are notable areas for improvement in environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Wedding flowers, sourced globally, contribute to significant gas emissions due to transportation. Moreover, using non-biodegradable mechanics, such as floral foam and plastic containers, poses threats to waterways and land. Disposal practices often lead to improperly discarding materials instead of recycling, composting, or enjoying them for their full lifespan.

Three Strategies for Sustainable Wedding Flowers:

  1. Local and Seasonal Flowers:

    • Prioritize locally grown and in-season flowers to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation and boost the local economy.

    • Flexibility in flower types allows florists to source blooms in your color palette yet surprise you with the textures and variety offered during your specific season and location.

    • Encourage using organic flowers or sustainably harvested options to support local ecosystems further.

  2. Reusable Mechanics:

    • Emphasize the importance of sustainable mechanics to your florist, advocating for the rental of vases rather than single-use disposables.

    • Explore "foam-free" design possibilities, as traditional floral foam contains microplastics and harmful chemicals.

    • Opt for alternative materials like floral frogs or chicken wire to replace environmentally detrimental options.

  3. Post-Event Planning:

    • Develop a plan to extend the life of your event flowers by taking them home or donating them to nursing homes or hospitals.

    • Inquire about your florist's recycling and composting practices to minimize landfill waste.

    • Choose florists who prioritize repurposing items, ensuring a second life for various elements used in your wedding.

Cultivating sustainable wedding flowers involves conscious decision-making at every stage, from sourcing to disposal. By incorporating these practices into your wedding floristry, you contribute to a more eco-friendly industry and create a celebration that reflects your commitment to a healthier planet. Let your choices speak louder and vote for a future where joyous celebrations and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

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Bronte is a seasoned floral designer with over 13 years of experience and a degree in horticulture and floral design. She has been featured in prestigious bridal magazines and has worked with hundreds of couples. Bronte is dedicated to simplifying the wedding process for her clients and promoting the use of locally sourced flowers, combining her passion for blooms with sustainability efforts in the industry.