About Bronte's Florals

Bronte's Florals is a full service Wedding and Event Florist based out of Utah.

This is what the brand "Bronte's Florals" means:
  • Creativity & attention to detail.
  • Creating floral arrangements that look great in photos and impress your guests.
  • Stunning our couples by going above and beyond expectations.
  • Quick communication, responding to all emails within 24 hours.
  • Making the booking process simple and efficient.
  • Working with other wedding vendors to create a seamless event.
  • Supporting local flower growers.
  • Inclusivity for all couples/people.
  • Continued education to stay on top of trends and learn new techniques.
  • Adapting our style to match your dream look.
  • Gratitude to our clients for helping us work in our dream profession.

Flowers evoke in me the same feelings of wonder, captivated attention, and giddiness as do things like traveling and falling in love.

13 magical years of flowering and 7 years in business! Flowers are my passion, and I cannot imagine working in any other industry (though I consider it an art more than a business). I have a degree in floral design and years of experience arranging flowers and growing them. My style is a mix between lush-garden-romantic and modern maximalist. My favorite flowers to work with are roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, and stock (or any yummy smelling varieties), and I love creating color palettes-the brighter and bolder, the better, but I am still a sucker for pastels and classic white weddings. I strive to use locally grown flowers when possible and seek improvements in my mechanics for sustainability and environmental friendliness (though I’m not perfect at it yet). Each year I attend workshops and continue my education to stay up to date on trends, design skills, and inspiration.Though I am the owner of the business and the face behind most of the back-end businessy parts (social media, emailing, consultations, ordering), we have a large team of other experienced florists who join for design days and set up—so rest assured we can accomplish any size wedding. I love a good party, but I also like to be the invisible person behind the scenes that makes it all come together and then disappear before guests arrive so they can see the magic without the mess. I am a straightforward person who loves to talk numbers and see how we can make things happen.When I’m not flowering, I also love cooking gourmet-healthy, fermented, and Asian foods, love the outdoors and nature and exploring them, and am constantly listening to audiobooks. Flowers are my passion, and I’m so excited to create something beautiful for you. If you’re ready to talk details and go for it, let’s meet! If you’re shopping around or have a quick question, please feel free to contact me still. I’m happy to help in any way.If you click this button below, you can send me a quick message or fill out a longer form to get a head start on talking details.-Bronte