Floral Table Centerpieces and Vase Arrangements

Depending on your guest count, table centerpieces can easily be one of your highest ticket items for your floral budget. Even small arrangements add up fast if you have a lot of tables. There are several things to consider, budget included, when choosing what to have as your floral table centerpieces:

  • Is it a priority to me to have showy centerpieces?

  • What vases do I have to work with or does the florist rent vases?

  • Do I want guests to be able to take centerpieces home at the end of the night?

  • How big are my tables and what shape are they?

  • Am I having buffet style food or will the table be set with dishes, candles, food, etc.? This will affect the space available for flowers.

  • How big is the space they are in? Is it a small room or a tall room that they wont stand out in unless they are large arrangements?

  • Do I want flowers, greenery, or some other type of decor? Do I want to have other decor on the tables in addition to flowers?

  • Do I want to do something special for the sweetheart table or head table?

  • Am I willing to mix up different types of centerpieces on different tables to either make for a more dynamic look or cut costs and compromise on getting the big arrangements I want on at least some tables?

  • Do I need arrangements on other tables such as the welcome table, bar, buffet table, or other food tables?

Once you've gone through these questions and have an idea of where centerpieces fall in terms of budget priority, you can look into types of centerpieces that fit in your budget. Table centerpieces can be anywhere from $24 per table to $450 per arrangement on average. To give you an idea, here are several centerpiece ideas and their price ranges per table, from highest to lowest:

  • Raised Centerpieces: these would be on a stand or potentially hanging from the ceiling above the table. Helpful if your venue has high ceilings to fill the space and make a statement. These can range anywhere from $350-1000 depending on the size and how many blooms are included, as well as if they are on a stand or suspended from the ceiling. Suspended floral arrangements, depending on their length will be the high end of the price range and may even go above that depending on how long they are.

  • Tall Arrangements: these can be on stands like the above arrangements or in tall glass vases. You'll often want to use some sort of tall arrangement for food tables so the flowers and greenery aren't in the way of servers. These can be anywhere from $300-500 per vase.

  • Compotes: these are low vases, sometimes footed, that can fit a lot of blooms. Depending on your blooms to greenery ratio, these can be anywhere from $150-450. They make a stunning statement and guests will love to look at them while sitting at the table. Very delicate and thought-out designs that are pieces of art.

  • Small Vases or vase-less arrangements: vases come in all shapes and sizes, a small vase would be something along the lines of a glass cylinder in how big the neck of the vase is. Again, it depends on the types of flowers and how many blooms vs. greenery are in the vase, but these are usually in the $65-200 range and still make quite the fun statement. If you have a long rectangle table, you may want to put multiple vases per table.

  • Greenery and garlands, with and without flowers. There are several things to do with greenery that are currently quite trendy. A full garland with flowers in it can be anywhere from $27-81 per foot depending on how loaded with blooms it is. A thin garland without any flowers in it is generally $12-24 per foot. Loose greenery, meaning a few stems of a delicate greenery strategically placed on the table, is usually $24-54 for the average sized table. Greenery options are usually paired with candles, table runners, or some other type of decor.

  • Small accent floral arrangements: these would be bud vases (usually clustered), gold terrariums, greenery wreaths or small floral pops in or around lanterns. These are a nice light and airy way to still have flowers on the table for a smaller cost. Doing one of these options is usually in the $36-54 range.

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Bronte is a seasoned floral designer with over 13 years of experience and a degree in horticulture and floral design. She has been featured in prestigious bridal magazines and has worked with hundreds of couples. Bronte is dedicated to simplifying the wedding process for her clients and promoting the use of locally sourced flowers, combining her passion for blooms with sustainability efforts in the industry.