Dawn and Matthew

Mauve and Blush Rotunda Florals at Siempre Utah

We recently had the privilege of transforming the picturesque Siempre Utah's venue for this mauve and blush summer wedding. The pièce de résistance of this wedding was undoubtedly the breathtaking floral arrangement on top of the rotunda, serving as the focal point of the ceremony. The venue's rotunda is based off the rotunda at Pelican Hills in California. The couple took inspiration from the gazebo decor at this Sleepy Ridge wedding we did, though the draping, colors, and scale were different. Because the rotunda is so much larger and taller than the gazebo at Sleepy Ridge, rather than taking two people one hour to set up, this floral set up took a team of six 3 hours! There were much more flowers included as well since the same amount of flowers would be dwarfed by the size of the rotunda and required much more for the same effect. The florals are bloom heavy on the top and a eucalyptus greenery garland down the two columns with asymmetrical draping by Moonlight Utah.

The mauves and blush really complimented the terra cotta colored shingles of the rotunda and the bricks underneath. And the different shades of blush transitioned them well with the whites. Having all the different shades helps the mauves not look like polka-dots of color.

Complementing the grandeur of the rotunda, our team created centerpieces in gold footed vases with bloom heavy florals for the table centerpieces. They also had a touch of whimsy with some floating delicate flowers like the gomphrena and scabiosa. These centerpieces not only enhanced the aesthetic of the reception but also provided a captivating focal point for guests to admire and appreciate during the dinner and reception.

No wedding is complete without the timeless tradition of bouquets, and for our bride and her bridesmaids, we made simple round bouquets with the same hues of mauve blush and white.

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Bronte is a seasoned floral designer with over 13 years of experience and a degree in horticulture and floral design. She has been featured in prestigious bridal magazines and has worked with hundreds of couples. Bronte is dedicated to simplifying the wedding process for her clients and promoting the use of locally sourced flowers, combining her passion for blooms with sustainability efforts in the industry.