What Your Bridal Bouquet Says About Your Personality

BronteApr 18, 20245 min read

Of all the flower arrangements you could choose for your wedding day, your bouquet is arguably the most important. It is in all the pictures and will be seen by all your guests, so it should be the epitome of your wedding style.

Wedding bouquets can add a unique touch of color, style, and personality to your photos and wedding look. Different styles and shapes can have a dramatic effect on the feel of your wedding.

Throughout time the bouquet has been used to ward off evil spirits and bring fertility to couples, masked unpleasant smells, symbolized love and commitment, and eventually became an accessory to complement the dress and reflect the overall style of the wedding.

Did you know that old-fashioned, traditional wedding etiquette calls for one extra detail of the couple’s love story? The groom was to buy his bride’s bouquet, demonstrating his perception of his bride through the collection of flowers used.

Though this detail may have fallen through the cracks as floral arrangements for weddings become more extravagant by the day, couples can add a personal sentiment and sense of self to this centuries old tradition.

So what does your bouquet say about your personality and the type of wedding you want to have? Or do you have a combination of styles?


A waterfall or teardrop look is a classic and timeless look for a glamorous wedding. If you’re a cascading bouquet lover you’re likely willing to work hard to look good, want grand looking photos, an over-the top wedding, and an eye-catching look. You’re bold and not afraid to make a statement and may have a flair for the dramatic. You’re a princess at heart and want your big day to be the picture of glamor and sophistication.

Pairs well with sweetheart, modified a-line, and mermaid style dresses.

Amelia and Elijah

Shannon and Logan

Flowers by Bronte's Florals, for more of this wedding, see Amelia and Elijah and Shannon and Logan

Round Tight

A tight circular looking bouquet is a traditional and timeless look. It usually features a single type of flower and has no greenery or foliage. If you love a round compact bouquet, you’re likely organized, neat, and like to keep things clean and simple. You love your dress and want to make sure the bouquet adds to, but doesn’t distract from its details. You want your wedding to be elegant, formal and mellow. You’re going for a forever vibe without stress or complications.

Pairs well with ballgown, empire waist, slip, and fitted dress styles.


Flowers by Bronte's Florals

Upright Loose

A hand tied, upright bouquet that is free flowing and loose. This is for the bride who is easy going and loves a more organic and natural look. You love the outdoors and are more laid back and relaxed about how things turn out. You hate too much rigidity and structure and want a more chill vibe. You want things to be beautiful but not if it causes too much stress or work for your loved ones. The focus of the day is, afterall, about your marriage and that is what matters most.

Pairs well with a-line, trumpet, and sheath dresses.

Claire and Alex

whitespace studio photoshoot

Flowers by Bronte's Florals, for more of this real wedding (top image), see Claire and Alan


Also known as western wedding flowers, country wedding or rustic wedding flowers. A bouquet that focuses on dried flowers, seed pods, grasses and texture. You have a free spirit and a wild adventurous heart. You belong out in the field with the flowing grass and have a spontaneous vibe. You love texture and individuality and love things that can last. You would love a house with vintage, eclectic, and antique items and want to be conscious of environmental impact by reusing when you can.

Pairs well with high-low, midi, boho, and trumpet dresses.

Lindsey White

Flowers by Bronte's Florals

Small, Artsy-Chic, Modern

A smaller sized bouquet that is mostly blooms and minimal greenery and allows flowers to have movement. This is for the minimalist who wants to hold something dainty and that while appearing simple, is actually quite complex and holds a lot of variety. It is understated elegance. You are willing to splurge on the wedding you want but don’t want it to appear too flashy. You are practical and easy going and care more about having an intimate wedding with the people you love. You may be shy but have a secret goofy and fun side that you let your close friends see. You’re likely an art lover and love to party.

Pairs well with midi, mini, slip, jumpsuit, sheath, and high-low dresses.

SROpen House

Avery and Joe

Flowers by Bronte's Florals, for more of this wedding, see Sleepy Ridge Open House and Avery and Joe

Upright Elongated (Rectangle, Heart Shaped)

An upright loose bouquet that is more elongated, bloom filled with minimal greenery, and intentionally shaped. You’re likely a romantic at heart who loves nature, organic flowing style that has movement and full ruffly blooms. You are someone who will get things done ahead of schedule and is responsible. You care about how photogenic your wedding looks and want it to feel pretty, cozy, and homey.

Pairs well with a-line, ballgown, column, trumpet, midi, and pantsuit looks.

Breklyn and Taylor


Flowers by Bronte's Florals, for more of this wedding (bottom image), see Bronte and Taylor

Pageant/Cradle Bouquet

A longer-stemmed bouquet that is designed to fit in the crook of an arm. This is the picture of refinement, class, elegance, and sophistication. It is for the realist who wants an easy to hold, hands free look. You want an out-of-the-box look that will make for stunning photographs. You’re likely organized and love structure and formality. You value authenticity and are a great listener in conversations.

Pairs well with column, sheath, trumpet, fit-and-flare, and mermaid dress types.

Pageant Bouquet

Flowers by Bronte's Florals


A large, full bouquet in any style is a statement piece for photos. You want your wedding to be big and fun for all those in attendance but you may not be used to all the attention and want something to hide behind. You are all about taking care of others, but are also willing to splurge on things that bring you joy.

Pairs well with sheath, column, and slip dresses.

Megan and Chris

Flowers by Bronte's Florals, for more of this wedding, see Megan and Chris


A bouquet made of silk flowers rather than fresh. You are practical, frugal, and likely sentimental. You want to be able to use your bouquet on multiple days without having to refresh or buy a second bouquet. You want your bouquet to be a keepsake for you that you can have as house decor through your long-lasting marriage.

Can come in any shape and thus pair with any style of dress.


Flowers by Bronte's Florals

If you’re still unsure of which bouquet type is best for you, try doing some scrolling on Pinterest to see what catches your eye and looks best to you. A professional florist can also help you create a bouquet that is unique to you and your style. You can also take into account your color palette, season you’re getting married in, and favorite flowers.

For inspiration for finding your dream bouquet and the ultimate guide to discussing your bridal bouquet with your wedding florist click here.

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